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  ✔  Nourishing ingredients

      ✔  Tanning intensifier

      ✔  Melanin forming

      ✔  Glowing skin care

      ✔  Nourishing Moisterizer

      ✔  For sun and solarium

      The face cream from the Gold 999,9 product line combines extra class care with pure avocado oil, vitamins and green tea. The luxurious tanning accelerator enriched with jojoba oil gives you a wonderfully soft tan for your face. 

      This high-quality tanning accelerator will give you a deep sun tan while nourishing your skin. 

      • A tanning and skin care lotion specially developed for the complex needs of facial skin.
      • Organic nourishing oils deep moisture your skin for smooth and soft skin. The carefully selected Ingredients provide you with a luminous appearance.
      • Due to the combination of natural ingredients and complex tyrosines your sun tan will develop faster and deeper while also lasting longer.

      The lotion can be used for indoor and outdoor tanning and as a daily face care lotion. It does not contain any self tanner/bronzer.

      We recommend applying the tanning lotion immediately or within 30 minutes before sunbathing in the sun or sunbed and at least every 2-3 days in order to provide the sunbathed skin with the necessary nutrients & hydration so a beautiful and healthy tanning process is ensured.


      Apply the lotion evenly and generously to your clean skin. For the best results and the most beautiful glow, massage the lotion in slowly and thoroughly.


      You can find more information, tips & tricks about tanning in our "How-to-Tan" Blog.

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      Our Natural Ingredients

      Avocado Oil

      Cares for dry and sensitive Skin, but is also ideal for oily and Combination Skin.

      Aloe Vera

      Aloe Vera is known for its soothing and moisturizing Properties.

      Vitamin C

      Vitamin C is a powerful Antioxidant and is known to improve skin Radiance.

      Shea Butter

      Shea Butter cares and protects your Skin without being greasy.


      Panthenol supports Cell Renewal and has a calming and smoothing effect on the skin.

      Sunflower Oil

      Supports regeneration and has an antibacterial effect.


      Yes as the Gold 999,9 Ultra Sensitive Face Care Lotion is a tanning accelerator it will speed up your natural tanning process, so you’ll need to get sun exposure.

      The Gold 999,9 Ultra Sensitive Face Care Lotion is made for daily use. Just apply it to your Face in the morning and benefit of the included Skin care, Anti Aging and Tanning Accelerator.

      Sure it is! The well-thought-out combination of powerful Vitamins, Collagen and Hyaluronan strengthens the regeneration of the skin, which is the essential component for protection.

      Our products are not only bland tanning accelerators but a combination of high-quality skin care and a specially developed tanning complex. So we take care that your skin is supplied with enough nutrients to guarantee a healthy and deep tanning process.

      average rating 4.8 out of 5
      Based on 41 reviews
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      41 Reviews
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Review posted

      nothing better than this

      As a women who`s nearing the 60 mark and getting many compliments on my skin condition for my age I would say this cream does what it says....

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      Rated 5 out of 5
      Review posted

      perfect as a present

      I bought this for my mother as a mother's day present. After using it for a while she has since informed me it's a very decent product that has definitely left her feeling prettier and therefore better about herself; what more could one ask?

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      Rated 5 out of 5
      Review posted

      super moisturizer

      I like this day moisturiser, it is soft, smooth, and is not greasy, disappears quickly.

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      Rated 5 out of 5
      Review posted

      great cream

      A great cream, ideal for sensitive skin..

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      Rated 5 out of 5
      Review posted

      really fine

      I have very sensitive skin and I've had no reaction. So far I've noticed a drying of my oily skin and refining of my pores, I think I may need to be a little more patient to see noticeable results on dark spots and fine lines.

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