A unique tanning experience

Ven a la Luz Limited

Edition Numero Uno
Biodegradable | Cleanbeauty

+68% deeper tan*


-93% wrinkles*


+90% volume*


+ 100% energy*

Tulumgold ven a la luz ensures a radiantly beautiful deep tan and works effectively against skin aging, for a visibly fresh, padded and intensively tightened skin.

Made in pure harmony with Mother Earth.

Ven A La Luz Natural Tanning Lotion Medium

Natural tanning lotion 200ml


Ven A La Luz Natural Tanning Lotion Dark

Natural tanning lotion 200ml


Tulumgold - a unique tanning experience.

Feel the magic of Tulum in your skin.

We only have a chance to do better if we create awareness. Then it's not a matter of closing your eyes, but really looking and going, and only buying biodegradable cosmetics. It is worth sticking with it and not giving up; for us humans, the oceans, the animals, and, in the end, a healthier earth are hurting us. We all make a difference.

Tulumgold Ven a la Luz works effectively against skin aging for visibly fresh, padded, and intensively tightened skin.

Inspired by the famous artwork by Daniel Proper in Tulum and the ancient Mayan ceremony, evoking light and illumination. A unique experience that carries the secrets of the Mayan sages, an ancient, wise, and unique culture, to your skin. In harmony with the divinity of paradise and the centuries of knowledge of the shaman of Tulum. Get back to basics, come under the sun, feel connected in harmony, get the most beautiful natural tan, and magically care for your skin with Tulum Gold.

The wisdom of nature to your skin...

Shea Butter, Cacao Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Papaya Fruit Extract, Mango Extract, Peach Extract, Sandalwood.

*agreement values based on self-assessment by 62 women after one week of using Tulumgold ven a la luz series

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